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It is recognizing wholeness -- the interconnected relationship between you and the world. 

It is simplicity.

Slowing down, being mindful, living joyfully, and accessing the essence of healthy living.

It is empowering.

Providing you with the knowledge and wisdom to thrive in a today's world.

It is comprehensive.

Supporting local, natural, sustainable industries helps you engage the bigger picture of health and well being.

It is about becoming a more capable human.

Optimizing your body, mind, and spirit to live an expansive and vibrant life.


Their growth is all of ours.


"...I have also taken the time and effort to refine my nutritional choices after working with Holistic Nutritionist, Denby Royal. Her work has included a meal plan, increasing my daily water intake, eating more protein and vitamin-packed foods, avoiding sugars, increasing my intake of raw healthy greens, and balancing the electrolytes in my body. The combination of the above has resulted in some pretty great changes for me: loss of 10 pounds and an overall increase in muscle mass, the ability to sleep through the night restfully, reduced PMS symptoms, increased energy, thicker fuller hair (including longer eyelashes), no pain in my joints, increased flexibility, healthier skin, and an overall more positive mental health and well-being."



"I have suffered from a weak immune system for many years. I was sick with a bad cold or minor flu every couple of weeks.  I considered myself someone well informed about healthy eating practices and nutrition. My health struggles were frustrating as I was certain I was eating all of the right things. Denby took the the time to help me understand what symptoms I had, many of which I thought were inevitable body behaviours. She developed a clear, logical and simple plan to strengthen my gut and cleanse my lymphatic system. I've learned that I already knew a lot, learned some new things, and unlearned a few things too. My functional schedule has only changed in a minor way thanks to Denby's guidance. I spend about 15 minutes a day in the kitchen. The drastic changes have been in my energy, my mood, my outlook, and how I choose to spend my time. I haven't been sick in months and I no longer feel like my whole wellness is a toss up. I have the tools. Yours in gratitude, Denby!"



"Buying Better"

It might shock you to know that the clothing industry is the

second largest polluter in the world... second only to oil.

On today’s podcast, Denby Royal—holistic nutrition and eco-fashion consultant—

joins me on another fascinating episode of Ancestral Health Radio.

Denby and I discuss why westerners commonly fail to think about their clothing's environmental

and social impact on the rest of the planet, the physical and psychological pitfalls

the fashion industry has on our health, followed by simple, inexpensive tips on how to

make more conscious decisions when thinking about your wardrobe.

"The Ritual of Running"

'Whatever, thunder thighs.'

When a particularly nasty boy in junior high said this to me,

my worst fear was actualized. According to my teenage brain

my dysmorphic thighs and posterior already jiggled a bit

when I ran, I mean I could feel them, but to discover that the momentum generated by

my lower extremities moving in various ways was actually AUDIBLE?

Not just loud, but thunderous. The worst.

Continue reading the rest of my Ritual of Running on Nabalo,

as they share the rituals of a new guest writer each month.



"The Turmeric Coffee of Your Dreams"

A recipe to amped up your morning coffee with a blend of

adaptogenic superfoods and anti-inflammatory turmeric. 

Available in the journal of the beautiful OH DEER,

a brand that I love and use regularly.



"Movement Matters: Movement

And Eco-Friendly Clothes

(And Why They're The Same Thing)"

Katy Bowman's breaks down the importance of how

all the movement required to make our clothes, wash

our clothes, and move in our clothes effects our

bodies and our world. Denby is featured, among other's,

on her outlook for movement-based and eco-friendly clothing

and brands she loves. 



"17 Gifts That Will MOVE You"

A fantastic gift guide by Katy Bowman on

Mark's Daily Apple featuring gifts to get

the body moving featuring Denby's Porcini

Chaga Shortbread Cookies. Great tips

for all year, not just the holidays!

"The Happy Body Podcast"

Listen to Denby chat with Daniele Della Valle

about sustainable fashion, natural beauty,

and the importance of intentional living.




"Take It As a Compliment"

Blog post for Daub + Design

"Every snide remark, every creepy glance, every fault-finding in-law, every shitty driver, every mansplainerall of it. There is no point in getting upset with all the stupid things people are going to say or do.  Smile, give 'em a high-five, take off your shoes, and roll on."


"Feral Intercourse: Conversations with Wild Women. 

Interview by Rachel Alaia

"In this episode... Denby and I exchange on practical and holistic wild life styling tips, traditional fast fashion versus sustainable, slow, and conscious self adornment, reconnecting to storytelling and community building through craftsmanship, natural human movement practices versus the four percent workout, slow, local, seasonal, sustainable food systems, the importance of forest bathing and grounding ourselves in nature, fears about immersing into wild places and the illusion of safety, the restrictive, prohibitive quality of domestication and the freedom of burning our bras."


"Goddess Share Their Secrets"

Interview by Jessika Le Corre

"What is success to you?
When you can be real. When you arrive in a place -mental or physical- where you no longer feel required to be something you're not or no longer are..."

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