About Denby




A simplified approach to food. Served without a side of ego. 


We as a species are hardwired to find complexity unsettling and look for simple solutions to complex and multifaceted problems. But we allow our outlooks and mindsets to be clouded with alternative and unsubstantiated facts that prevent us from seeing the bigger picture:

That food should be enjoyed, unrestricted, delicious, and balanced. 


No dieting, no detoxing, and certainly no dogmas.


I have been vegan, high-carb, low-carb, paleo, keto, gluten-fee, and everywhere in-between. Restricted diets have left me sick, anxious, pressured, worried, underweight, overweight, and fed-up. 

I have chilled out exponentially. I eat all the macros: fats, carbs, protein, and chocolate. I am not irresponsible about my choices and honour the ins and outs of nutrition by prioritizing what works for me. 

I understanding how food choices and attitude are intermingled.

There is process involved with coming to terms with ones relationship to food and the ways in which a moral hierarchy of food choices can shape this relationship. Check out my "Food Manifesto" for more information on my outlook.


Let's rekindle our love of food together and find what works for you.




My years in the fashion industry left me wanting more for my clients and for myself.  My ethos of fashion is to support local businesses thst emphasize quality and social responsibility.

I realized that it isn't about the accumulation of 'stuff' but about cultivating an image that reflects creativity and your personality. 

I allow for freedom of movement in all my clothing and love clothing that is simple, minimal, and timeless. Want to know more? Check out a couple of my blog posts (here & here) for information on the importance of freedom of movement in fashion and tips on how to declutter your closet and the misconceptions of conscious consumerism (here).


Denby Royal is a nutritionist & stylist, likely found on the beach in Victoria, BC.