My Journey with Intermittent Fasting

I have never been one for the norm. If the masses were doing it, I was no where to be found.

Catholic school? Smoke weed in the parking lot.

High heels, tight skirts, and manicures? Fuck you and your standards.

Starbucks? Kill me now.

Three meals and three snacks a day? Yes. All of them. All the time.

I fell head first into my eggs and conventional wisdom and had no intention of looking back.

I was the champion of breakfasts.

I tirelessly made cluttered meal plans for my clients and spent all of my free time prepping, chopping, cooking, and dish washing. As an adult, I have never owned a television, so all this time that my hands were busy in the kitchen I would listen to podcasts. Podcasts about consciousness, rewilding, nature, and mostly food, nutrition, and biohacking. One constant that kept coming up for me was intermittent fasting. The benefits sounded amazing. I am always on a journey to maximize my energy outputs, build strength, boost my metabolism, and repair my leaky gut. And all the top biohackers have been preaching it for decades. But no breakfast?!? I don't know, man. How will I make it through the day let alone a workout? 

Enter, Abel James and His Wild Diet.

I heard an interview with Abel on Dave Asprey's podcast and was more-or-less sold on the idea when Abel mentioned his recipe for grain-free apple pie. What can I say, I'm an easy sell. Much to my dismay, my mister could not be so easily swayed by apple pie nor the idea of giving up his morning meal.  But tell him that fasting for 16-24 hours was found to increase the production of human growth hormone by 2,000 percent? He was ready to start the next day.

And we did. We break our fast at noon with a small and easily digestible meal, graze on as much vegetables and protein as we want throughout the day, finish the day with a glorious feast, and fast again for roughly 16-20 hours. 

It's been 6 weeks now and here is what happened:

  •  A rapid stabilization in my blood sugar. Eating too early was taxing my digestive system and tiring me out more than I realized and making me hangry and jonesing for my next sugar fix. 
  • An increase in energy and focus throughout the day. Without too much food to suck up my energy for digestion I haven't had any ups and downs and have no 4pm lulls. 
  • My digestion is improving quicker than I have ever experienced. Guys, this has been crazy. For years I would wake up with stomach pains that would dissipate during the day then come back with a gnarly vengeance by bed time. For years I was told that the best way to ease this stress was to have six small meals a day. WRONG. For me, this did not work. Not one bit. For others maybe, totally, I can see it. But me? Painful, gassy, and disheartening.  After ten days I stopped waking up in pain for the first time in six years. Converted. 
  • After only a few days I noticed a decrease in my fat composition. With intermittent fasting, you teach your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar. This is a slower burning fuel source meaning you will likely have steadier supply of energy for a longer stretch of time. And = abs.

Another huge advantage is an increase in time.  Preparing and planning multiple meals a day is exhausting and time consuming. Yes, I love it, but damn, I love a lot of other things too. By saving my meal for the end of the day I not only have more time for other pursuits (blogging) but I can also spend my day fantasizing about and mentally prepping the lavish dinner I'll be enjoying that evening.   

Also, it's cost effective. A lot of those fancy holistic recipes you see floating around the interwebs can be expensive to recreate. Do it multiple times a day and your food costs go through the roof. Do it once a day while spending the rest of the day munching on carrots and homemade jerky and you'll find that those colostrum pancakes with bee pollen, heirloom cherries and raw macadamia nut butter is far less painful to budget. 

 An important part of my personal growth is sharing the journey with you. So far the benefits have been immense and I can't wait to see where this takes me. Or, where this can take you. 

Let's grow together. 




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