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It is not about catching your body when it falls apart, but providing you with the natural building blocks to nourish, rejuvenate and maintain balance, strength and vitality.

Denby is an advocate of pure, wildcrafted, fermented and whole foods. Foods that help you transcend to a state of higher vibration and wellbeing. Food that is unprocessed, naturally and locally cultivated, and free from pesticides and unnecessary human intervention. 

Benefits of creating a whole-body connection:

• Weight loss

• Increased energy

• Stress reduction

• Hormonal balance

• Better sleep

• Greater connection to yourself and the Earth


It’s about all of you: Your body, mind, soul, and surroundings.

It's more than what you put into your body, it's also how you cover it and what you surround it with. 

It's deeper than just cultivating your image.

It affects your functionality.

Restrictive clothing hinders your digestion, limits the natural flow of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, and impacts your structural integrity.

It affects the environment.

The never-ending amount of plastic that is used for packaging, the emissions released from global transportation, the pesticides used to spray the cotton, and the impact of toxic dyes unleashed into the air, water and your skin.

It affects your community.

Fast food and fashion is not made to serve you. It is done to increase yields and profit margins for the few at the top. Support local manufacturing, sustainability, and the artists and shops around you. 



During your one-on-one consultation, Denby will pinpoint your specific physical and mental nutritional needs. She will take a look at the different areas of your life and how your food and environment are affecting you.  A personalized meal plan will be provided as well as a shopping trip to a local market or natural foods store to help you decipher labels and pick the healthiest choices for you and your family.

A consultation may also include a personalized mantra created for you and with you to assist you in cultivating your strongest and most connected Self. 

Consultations are available in person in Victoria, Canada or online, anywhere in the world. 



Denby will assist you in curated your wardrobe while providing education on the importance of fabrics, fit, quality, and socially-conscious manufacturing. For more information, read Denby's "Eco-minimal Wardrobe Starter Pack"

In your home, Denby will show you how to create a sacred space and how to minimize the impact on your wellbeing from hidden toxins, clutter, and furniture that may be hindering your mobility.